About Us

Photo courtesy of West Michigan Style Magazine and Kelly Braman Photography - http://kellybramanphotography.com

Making its debut in March of 1997 by a mother and daughter team, jb and me strives to offer a blend of designer fashion that appeals to women of all ages.

They believe in making Friendships through Fashion and are striving to achieve this concept in the Holland communities. The jb and me stylists' goal is to offer their expert advice on fashion while meeting the unique needs of each of their clients. The charming mix of trendy fashions and comfortable appeal will keep you spellbound for hours. Although women's clothing is the main focus, jb and me also specializes in vintage finds, home goods, and gorgeous accessories. Featured brands include Ark & Co., Splendid, Free People, Michael Stars, Ella Moss, and denim by Hudson, AG, Paige, and Citizens of Humanity.

1. Who's idea was it to start a women's clothing store? How did you propose the idea?

jb and me started off from the experience of my mom and I shopping together. It seemed as though every shopping trip was ending in a conversation of us saying how we could do it differently, by offering a service which helps to mix the styles and trends that speak to someone's individual personality.

2. The main mission of jb and me is "Making friendships through fashion." What does that mean to you? How do you live that out? 

Our hearts' missions are truly to make a difference and empower women through fashion, always trying our best to make them feel better when they leave than when they entered. We are all here on this beautiful creation to make a difference and we feel that we can do this through our love for fashion.

3. Tell us about one of your favorite memories with jb and me. 

Every buying trip is a favorite because it's time that my mom and I get to spend together, but our very first buying trip was especially memorable. We went to Chicago for our first buy and boy were our heads spinning after our first hard days work. Lying in bed thinking of how much we ordered, the amazing fashion show we just sat through, and envisioning how we are going to put it all together for our store was a great experience!

4. Does it ever get hard working as a mother-daughter team? Do you have any arguments or conflicts? How do you handle them?

Well I'm going to let my mom answer this one (lol) no but really the way our relationship started as I was growing was built on a foundation of faith and respect to one another. Of course there is the occasional difference in opinion, but we talk it out and together come up with a fair decision that respects both sides. I have to say I don't think either of us could do this with out the other. My mom always says when I am not at the store she has half a brain, that always makes me chuckle a bit, because seriously she truly keeps us on track, but we complete each others thoughts. The store really is jb AND me!

5. What does community mean to you?

Church, Faith, Family, Friends. Getting involved when you can and making a difference.

6. How can clothing and accessories empower women? 

We give them an outfit that they feel good in, which then gives them the confidence to do life, which equals empowerment!

7. What are your individual styles like? 

Well our styles overlap of course because our style is what creates the store. But to identify, I am definitely the boho chic girl with a little cowgirl twist and really I think what separates my mom and I is that she has a little more city in her life, so she is the boho city girl.

8. When you're not at jb and me, what are you doing? 

Both of our lives are full of family and enjoying the outdoors. We have a little generational gap in our hobbies, my mom loves to spend time with my dad traveling and experiencing the beautiful Michigan coastline, and of course enjoying her grandkids when she can. I seem to be just trying to keep up with family, (husband, daughter and son) riding horses, hiking and traveling.

9. What is your favorite thing about jb and me? 

I love how it's always changing and ALWAYS a challenge. There is always something to learn and always something to give. The relationships that we have gained over the years are a true blessing and I would not change any of that for the world!