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"Style on the Go!" Its a super easy shopping experience (that's the point, right?) All you have to do is contact the store 

Style on the Go!

August. 19. 2020 Read more →
We are so thankful for you. If the circumstances would allow, we would gather each & every one of you into a giant group hug!
We will keep things short, so you can hold onto this simple truth during these uncertain times.

We believe prayer changes things. 


March. 24. 2020 Read more →
There’s something magical about stepping into a bustling marketplace where anticipation is high, and passion for curating a fashion collection runs deep. 
Inspiration at every corner as visionaries collaborate in the name of fashion. 

Our Las Vegas Buying Trip

March. 03. 2020 Read more →

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Making its debut in March of 1997 by a mother and daughter team, jb and me strives to offer a blend of designer fashion that appeals to women of all ages.

They believe in making Friendships through Fashion and are striving to achieve this concept in both the Holland and Grand Rapids communities. The jb and me stylists' goal is to offer their expert advice on fashion while meeting the unique needs of each of their clients. The charming mix of trendy fashions and comfortable appeal will keep you spellbound for hours. Although women's clothing is the main focus, jb and me also specializes in vintage finds, home goods, and gorgeous accessories. For more information about jb and me, click here.