Farmhouse fresh pudding apeel face mask

$ 26.00

97% Natural, NOT vegan (has honey and beeswax), gluten free, Paraben and Sulfate free. This gentle resurfacing mask rid away dead surface cells, revealing newer, smooth textured skin over time. Exfoliation removes dull-looking, old surface cells, and Pudding Apeel is meant for just that! Glycolic and fruit extract Alpha Hydroxy Acids combine with hydrating honey and coconut milk to infuse skin with moisture as you renew. Tapioca provides a silk feel to skin. The added green tea and honeysuckle extracts help sooth irritations. The exfoliate property helps to control acne and improves the look of sun damaged and aging skin. This mask is gentle enough to use daily, but do not overlap its use with other exfoliation methods or products as it may be irritating to the skin.


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Farmhouse Fresh Pudding Apeel Face Mask