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Alex and Ani: Vegas Style

You know what they say; “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” On our recent buying trip this quote was sadly somewhat true! We saw, we bought, and now… we wait.

Orders are written and we can hardly contain our awe towards the new Fall and Holiday collections. This year, at jb and me, we introduced Chain Station, Kindred Cord, and countless new additions that are only the beginning of an ever-evolving Alex and Ani brand. The sparkle and depth of what’s new to come
will not disappoint.

In the fabulous city of Las Vegas we saw a little magic; a little spark of beauty, intuition, and treasure.

We had the privilege of meeting Carolyn Rafaelian and her team. The people and passion behind this brand is extraordinary. There is so much heart and soul in each idea, design, and meaning association.

We now wear our stories a little louder and anticipate the next symbol to add to the script.

Stay tuned for what’s next! For now, our lips are sealed… but what happened in Vegas won’t stay there for long. We will have all of the beauty and “charm” available for you! In the meantime, stop in to see our newest summer styles! We will help you pick out that perfect gift or continue to build your collection.

Laura & Kelly + Alex and Ani: Vegas Style

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So you may see a little extra lace peeking from under our dresses and tanks this summer... we just can't resist showing off our fun little lace bralettes! 

The Bralette Trend!!!

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Moms Are the Best Event!

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