Closet Organization – A Quick Guide to Sweater Care and Storage


It is a devastating dilemma when someone with as many clothes as I have is forced to share a very small closet. I won’t mention any names, but my husband knows who he is. On the bright side, I have become incredibly organized and incredibly creative when it comes to storing my wardrobe. Sweaters are a bulky item and they require more attention than t-shirts. The delicate nature of the fabric also requires storing attention. I try not to hang my sweaters, unless they are made of a heavy cotton blend and will keep their shape. Mostly, I fold all sweaters. If your closet has shelving, using it for sweaters is a great idea. The Container Store sells sweater dividers – thin, metal dividers placed in between stacks – to prevent tipping and disorder. I currently am without shelving and have purchased large storage baskets from Bed Bath and Beyond – cool and attractive, cloth covered bins – for my sweaters. I carefully fold each one and place them in the bins, then tuck them into the bottom of my closet. Viola! My sweaters are neatly and safely stored and ready for wear. I also use these bins for shoes and handbags. They really are genius. Just a quick tip for all of my fellow fashion buffs. We all know there is no such thing as a closet with too many clothesJ Happy Organizing, Ladies!