Denim This Fall


As someone who has always prided herself on being up-to-the-minute with denim styles, I feel slightly put out that I still do not own a pair of denim leggings. Because, in the world of denim, denim leggings are what it is all about. Not only are celebrities from Beyonce to Gwyneth rocking the look, fashion elite all over the planet are pairing fabulous flats and killer boots with these genius new jeans. The problem of folding and pulling and squishing your jeans into your favorite fall boots will no longer exist. Denim leggings fit like a second skin and mold to your figure, creating a look that is both comfortable and stylish. There is no need to fret about trying these new leggings, simply buy a pair in black and wear with long sweaters and tees. Slowly work your way into feeling confident enough to flaunt those thighs! Denim Legging are not the only style on the market this fall when it comes to denim. (Although, the strength of the skinny leg is definitely taking the spotlight away from boot cuts and flares). The boyfriend style is still popular, although in Michigan we will have to eventually roll those cuffs down..thank goodness the relaxed fit works well with UGGs! Rips are still around despite the cooler temps. Think of it as a way to cool off when you’re looking hot in your favorite jeans! Of course, the traditional boot-cut style will always be around. No matter what, the basic boot looks great on virtually anyone and like a fine wine, just gets better with age. Happy Shopping, Ladies!